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Study the Physics of Billiards, Simulate Real Shots & Train Patterns and Strategy.

Looking for a Billiards Training Tool?

Improve Your Physics Knowledge

There are many factors that affect your game. The technic, aiming, cue action, cue ball control, strategy, the table, cloth, balls, cue/shaft among others.

Here, we want to show you how Shooterspool can help you to get more knowledge about billiard physics and to improve some aspects such as the aiming, the cue ball control and the strategy.

Albin Ouschan Shot World Cup of Pool

Simulate Real Shots

Wondering How a PRO Player Made a Shot?

Set the shot, simulate it in real time and visualize in slow motion replays how the balls react.

Watch the simulation of the shot made by Albin Ouschan at the World Cup Pool 2019.

Snooker Training Drill

Training Drills

Make preset drills/routines or set your own

Practicing drills/routines is a great way to improve your aiming, cue ball control and the planning of a game.

At Shooterspool you have available some common drills/routines to practice each billiards modality, but you are also available to set your own drills.

Are you looking for a training tool to improve your game?

Try all the possibilities that Shooterspool can bring to complement your game.

Improve your aiming, cue ball control, strategy & physics knowledge. Practice & Analyze faster than you would in a real table.

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